The principle of shock disinfection with ozone is to fill the cleaned area with a sufficient concentration of ozone, which will take care of the effective elimination of all viruses, bacteria, odors and other undesirable substances. This means that the more space you need to clean, the more powerful generator (in milligrams of ozone per hour) you will need.

Manufacturers' tests show that for every 100 m 2 of space, a suitable output is about 10,000 mg of ozone per hour. However, a more powerful generator can do its job faster in the same space than a weaker one.

You will find specific combinations in our table below:

Power is calculated on an area with a standard ceiling height of 2.5 m.

Simply put, the choice depends on the application, if you want to use the ozone generator only in your home environment, the basic type BLACK 3500 will suffice.
For companies, hotels, hospitals and other larger or more loaded spaces, the professional middle path BLUE 7000.
For industrial use, large areas or means of public transport with high pollution/odor, we recommend the WHITE 10000 industrial generator.

Keep in mind that too much ozone can cause strong odor that may remain in the room for several weeks.


1. Clear the space of animals, plants and sensitive things

2. Start the generator for the specified time and leave the room

3. After the treatment, allow the ozone to decompose for at least 60 minutes

4. Enter the area and ventilate it well


Before using the generator, thorough mechanical cleaning of the premises should first take place. Do not use ozone as the only form of cleaning, whether it is disinfecting viruses or getting rid of odors.

For maximum results during disinfection, first mechanically clean surfaces that come into contact with humans with conventional cleaning tools. When cleaning areas from odors, etc., thoroughly vacuum and wipe the floors, remove any deposits and deposits of dust or other dirt. Ozone penetrates from the outside in, so dirt deposits make its process more difficult.

We propose a layered approach that starts with the best cleaning you can provide. If the carpet is a problem, have it cleaned thoroughly. If they are caused by smoke-soaked walls, wash them thoroughly, but do not repaint until the problem is completely eliminated. We recommend repainting the walls only after eliminating the problem by cleaning and using the ozone generator.

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