What is an ozone generator?

The Ozone Generator produces a toxic gas, ozone (O3), with a typical odor that is a common component of the Earth's atmosphere. Ozone is intentionally produced for various industrial purposes, it is naturally produced from oxygen, by ultraviolet radiation or electric discharge, eg at high altitudes or by lightning. Ozone itself is a distinctly blue gas and is about one and a half times heavier than air (density 2144 g / l). Ozone cannot be stored or transported in containers because it decomposes spontaneously in the presence of oxidizable impurities, moisture and on solid surfaces.

Can people be present in the room while the ozone generator is working?

No persons, animals or plants may be in the room during operation. After the device has stopped operating, you can enter the room after at least 1 hour.

Before application, please read the conditions of use of the ozone generator, which are described in detail in user Manuals.

What are ozone generators used for?

Ozone generators are used to reduce odors, kill bacteria of viruses and fungi.
Typical uses:

  • Hotels, offices and households
  • Hospitals, waiting rooms and pharmacies - removes bacteria and viruses
  • Basements and cellars - removes mildew and odors from moisture
  • Cars - remove the smell of cigarettes, mold from the air and the smell of humidity
  • Kitchen - removes odor from burnt oil and meals
  • Acts against allergies kills bacteria and pollens
  • Eliminates the smell of smoke and cigarettes
  • Removes pets odors
  • Remove odors from trash

Is the use of a generator safe?

Ozone disinfection is currently the most effective and ecological method for cleaning rooms.
Several regulatory agencies, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), have determined that the safe allowable residue level is 0.1 ppm. Please note that this allowable level is for continuous exposure for a full 8 hours. The temporary effects of such low exposure would range from headaches to sore throats and eye and nose irritation. No long-term effects have ever been documented from ozone exposure.
Ozone cleaning has been used for many years to clean cars and air conditioners, and is now increasingly used by transport companies to clean public transport areas, hospitals, surgeries, hotels and other institutions with a high frequency of movement of people.

What kind of generator do I need?

The choice depends on the application, if you want to use the ozone generator only at home, most basic BLACK 3500 will be enough. For companies, hotels, offices and other larger or more loaded spaces, the professional middle way WHITE 10000 will be great.
For industrial use, large spaces or public transportation vehicles with high pollution/odor we recommend the industrial generator type GREY 30000.
More information is available in the table here

Do I have to take all stuff out of the room before ozone disinfection?

No, all non-living things and objects can remain in the room and go through cleaning. Things of great value eg., Metals or old books we recommend to cover with a blanket, there are other methods to clean objects of high value.
More information is available in this article

What is the impact of the device on the environment, eg. On the ozone hole?

 Ozone cleaning is completely environmentally friendly method that does not burden the environment. After its application in the area left no harmful substances and ozone soon decomposed (converted) into oxygen.

Is the area after Ozone cleaning Safe?

After the application of ozone, enter the room after 1-2 hours (depending on how long the room was being cleaned). Ozone itself is gradually decomposed, then it is necessary to thoroughly ventilate the premises.

How are counting device performance? What does 7000 mg means? How much power is necessary for what space?

7000 mg means milligrams of oxygenated air output (O3) from the device per hour. The higher the number, the greater the power output. For more information and help with choosing, continue to this article, where you will find a comprehensive table.

Who provides customer service? What is the warranty

Customer service and repairs is provided by our company, we provide 2-year international warranty.

Ozone plate. Their types, availability and price?

Ozone boards are in stock, prices vary according to the type of device. For prices and more information, visit this page

How to use an ozone generator in a car?

Turn inside recirculation in the vehicle, place the generator in the middle of the interior and set the timer from 15 to 30 minutes. Enter the vehicle after 40 minutes and thoroughly ventilate it.